Stand Up Boards

Stand Up Paddling is one of the fastest growing water sports…originating from Hawaii. Now the sport is wide open to everyone…stand up paddling is done on the waves and on flat water such as lakes and rivers. Part of its popularity includes the great core body workout and the feeling that you are “walking on water”!

Captain Sawdust handcrafts these hollow wooden vessels using cedar planks with exotic wood accents. The rails are made of multiple layers of cork that is hand-shaped. The finishing process includes 6 ounce fiberglass cloth with three coats of epoxy resin. Each board is finished with a fin box, vent plug and leash plug. The optional non-skid deck grip and fin can be included for an additional fee. The boards vary in length and shape depending on how you want to use them. The 10-foot, 6-inch board can be used for both stand up paddle surfing and flat water. The 12-foot boards glide beautifully on flat water with stability and grace. While heavier than foam construction boards, these hollow wooden boards weigh about 55 pounds. The extra weight equates to superior glide while on the water. Prices for finished boards range from $1850 - $2200 depending on size and other details.

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#1  Frame with bottom glued on;
ready for deck

#3  Cork rails glued to board

#4 Shaping the cork rails

#5 Fiberglass coat on deck

#6 Finished 12’ SUP nose view

#7  Finished 12’ SUP tight knot cedar,
 bottom view

#8  Finished 10’6” SUP with clear grip,
ready for fun on the water!

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Boards by Captain Sawdust
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